The Upcoming Jurong Business District – what it means for prospective buyers

The Jurong Lake District was first unveiled in 2008, by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It was part of the URA Masterplan to spread jobs more across the island, by decentralising them away from the Central Business District.

The Jurong Lake District will consist of three distinct precincts; the Lakeside Gateway, Lakeside & Jurong Gateway districts. In total, they are set to cover an expansive 472 hectares of land.

Two out of three of these districts have already seen extensive development.

The Jurong Gateway District has already undergone an incredible transformation. A vibrant commerical hub has sprung up, with the opening of Westgate, Big Box, JCube and many other mega-malls. Most recently, the Ng Teng Fond General Hospital has been completed, setting the base for more extensive medical facilities to join it.

The Lakeside District has also begun development, with the end goal of turning into a beautiful leisure park complete with facilities for water sports and activities. Its promenades and parks are already in the middle stages of development.

The last precinct, the Lakeside Gateway district is already slated to house the new Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed rail terminal. Plans are to turn this last district into a mixed-use business district, and thus turning Jurong into a new city area within Singapore.

Prospective residents of The Clement Canopy will find themselves a single stop away from this exciting new business district. They will certainly be in a excellent location to benefit from this upcoming development.